Mens Hockey


2017 WISC Mens Squads

Following the hockey trials held on Sunday 19th Feb and 5th March for competitive men’s teams, the players listed below either attended or registered their interest to play for WISC, as notified in club communications.

All players are requested to attend next weeks squad trainings as follows:

P1 Squad

Tuesday 14th March 8-9pm Indians gym

Thursday 16th March 7-8pm Indians gym


P2 Squad

Thursday 16th March 6-7pm Indians gym.


Below are the squads for P1 and P2 men.                           

 P1 Men Squad          P2 Men Squad

Fletcher Phillips


Haresh Bhana

Chris Thomas


Nitin Bhikha

Shayam Bhana


Prashant Chhika

Dharmesh Lala


Devanand Bhikha

Kunal Shantilal


Preteesh Morar

Mitesh Patel


Sajan Patel

Jayan Parbhu


Praneel Vallabh

Graeme Murrell


Jitesh Lala

Aqshai Lala


Paresh Dayal

Sanesh Lala


Shivam Patel

Joel Baker


Prabjeet Giddie

Hiren Mani


Jainesh Shantilal


Nermesh Ramji


Hemesh Lala


 Sandeep Naik


 Jainesh Sukha


Umesh Parag


Coach: Manoj Parbhu

Player/ Assistant Coach: Mitesh Patel

The P1 training squad is NOT the final team. Players will be observed at squad trainings and 2 players will be moved accordingly.

Note: Players may be added to these squads at the selectors discretion.

Upcoming Games

Mens Hockey Draw


  • P.O.BOX 16-120,

    Wellington, New Zealand